IVG establishes green leases in Germany pilot phase successfully concluded (DE)

After the successful conclusion of the pilot phase, IVG has been focusing on green leases for all new leases since March 1, 2012. These are lease contracts that are, as far as possible, aligned to sustainable, resource-preserving ecological criteria – in particular the reduction of the CO2 footprint – and associated regulations.

"During the course of implementing our IVG sustainability strategy, we have achieved another key milestone in launching the green leases," said Dr. Wolfgang Schäfers, CEO of IVG Immobilien AG.

"The test phase at the IVG Hamburg branch was successfully concluded with the first green leases being agreed, so that we are now able to transfer these standards to the entire German branch network," continued Dr Schäfers.

The purpose and scope of these lease contracts is to manage the overall property and use the leased properties in an economical manner to preserve both energy and resources. At the same time, they provide for constructive cooperation with the lessees to achieve these aims in line with what is technically and economically possible.

Dr. Thomas Beyerle, responsible for Corporate Sustainability at IVG, adds: "Overall, this reflects our claim to optimize the alignment of our future leases to sustainability criteria. Key areas here are targeted heating and cooling of leased properties. Other measures include equipping the space with energy-saving lighting and using environmentally friendly paper or other materials. Only in this way can we and our lessees work together to make a contribution to realizing sustainability in our business operations."

Source: IVG Immobilien AG

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