Italian real estate at EIRE 2011 for the States-General (IT)

The inauguration of the seventh edition of EIRE - on Tuesday 7th June at 9.45am in the Blue Conference Room, pav. 4, Fieramilano - will coincide with the States-General of Italian Real Estate summons at EIRE 2011, within the context of a grand opening conference entitled 'What is Real Estate in Italy?'


Antonio Intiglietta, President of Ge.Fi SpA.

The national summit dedicated to the multiple facets of Italian real estate is intended to create awareness among all industry players, defining the role of real estate and "emerging from the limited world of insiders, helping the general public to understand that our system represents great professionalism, enormous industrial skills and huge potential for our country's growth," stated Antonio Intiglietta, President of Ge.Fi SpA.

During the three-day event, the States-General will be divided into a series of events and conferences dedicated to the areas of Finance, Foreign Markets, Retail, Social Housing, Logistics, Hospitality & Tourism, Leisure, Stadiums & Free Time, Communication, Trades, Developers, Facility Management, Construction Systems, Universities and Public Administrations.

The seventh edition of EIRE is intended to represent a "place for reflection on the growth and development objectives of our system," continued Intiglietta, "where a true Italian Real Estate Community can begin to take shape, capable of promoting dialogue and the comparison of various opportunities within our country, whilst at the same time attracting the attention of the international market".

It is within this framework that several important conferences and events elaborating on the most relevant current themes will be held, including:

• Retail Real Estate Conference/June 8 from 9.30am - 1.00pm - The Retail Institutional Conference, organized by CNCC (National Council of Shopping Centers) in collaboration with POPAI Italia, will develop the theme of 'Retail and Commercial Real Estate amongst Convergences and Divergences'.

• Social Housing Conference/June 8 from 10.00am - 1.00pm - Social Housing aspects deserve particular attention: For the second year running, EIRE will host the 'Social Housing Exhibition', the largest European exhibition dedicated to Social Housing, with more than 80 participants, more than 90 projects to be presented and significantly larger exhibition space with respect to the previous year. It is within the context of this growing interest that the Social Housing Conference will be held, organized by Ge.Fi SpA in collaboration with Fondazione Housing Sociale and the EIRE Scientific Committee, entitled 'The middle of the road: Social Housing, where do we stand?', during which the results of the first Social Housing Permanent Monitoring system will be presented.

• Public Administration Educational Courses - The seventh edition of EIRE will focus its attention on the role of the Public Administration, arranging a series of educational conferences, organized by Ge.Fi, in collaboration with the EIRE Scientific Committee, on themes of particular interest, including: 'Improving the value of property assets' [June 7, from 3.00pm - 6.00pm], 'New Territory Governance' [June 8, from 3.00pm -

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