ISCS European Conference

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[ws_format("Amsterdam, 16-18 April 2008", 14)]

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It's quite comfortable to visit an important international conference and still sleep in your own bed. At least that's what I thought prior to my participation in the ICSC European conference in Amsterdam. But after a huge traffic jam on the first morning the decision to find a nearby hotel was easily taken. This ICSC conference made it all worthwhile with an excellent program, top speakers, an enjoyable side program, and excellent network space. Thanks to Senior Editors Ola Sinoo and Bernd Struben, here are some sound bites and snapshots from the exemplary program. ICSC managed to save the best for last with keynote speaker Dr. Kjell Nordstrom.

FLTR: Jaap Gillis, Bertrand Courtois Suffit, Joost Bomhoff.

6.5 million m

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