Irgenre and Promos present Cilento Outlet Village (IT)

The Cilento Outlet Village will be an Irgenre privately funded project, promoted and leased by Promos, and it will require a €80 million investment. The Cilento Outlet Village will be strategically located in San Nicola Varco - Eboli (SA), along the S.S.18 junction between Salerno, Paestum and the Cilento coast, closed to both Battipaglia and Eboli tollbooths of the three-lane A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway. The catchment area will cover most of the Campania and Basilicata regions, including Salerno, Potenza and Avellino, the densely-populated Naples and part of the Benevento and Caserta districts, reaching 2.5 million inhabitants within 60 minutes drive and over 5 million residents within 90 minutes.

Furthermore, the Campania region counts about 5 million - mostly "upper class" - tourists per year and 1 million interregional transits, reaching a total of 6 million additional potential visitors. The scheme will comprise 130 shops over a 25,000 m² gross leasable area, 2,500 car parking spaces and it will be developed in two phases, phase 1 including 90 retail units over a 18,000 m² GLA. The Village will be open seven days a week, all year round, and will offer fashion, household appliances stores and specialty restaurants, being expression of a new shopping concept and involving visitors thanks to both products quality and services variety.

"With this project," – said Promos' President Carlo Maffioli – "we have evidence that the f.o.c market doesn't suffer from full price retail crisis. The format stands instead higher and higher in customers' favors thanks to its value for money proposition, granted directly by the main national and international brands".

The Cilento Outlet Village, like every Irgenre project, will be well integrated into the fabric of the city and it will be primarily a place where people can socialize and spend their spare time. "Our Company has always been concerned in new, up to date and evolving proposals. The Cilento Outlet Village would be, as well, a complementary opportunity within the f.o.c. range in Italy," said Irgenre's President Paolo Negri.

Moreover, the Cilento Outlet Village will be a great development opportunity for the whole Campania region, which counts 3 million "upper class" Italian tourists per year and 2 million foreigners, especially from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

"We are very satisfied with Irgenre and Promos' project," said Eboli's Mayor, the Lawyer Martino Melchionda. "The fulfillment of this new Outlet Village will be very positive for the territory, especially with regard to employment." As a matter of fact this project is supposed to create over 500 new job opportunities. "The area is extraordinarily rich of natural, historical and cultural treasures. We believe the Cilento Outlet Village could represent not only a valuable offer for the region's inhabitants but also a new leisure resource for tourists in transit through our territory," concluded Mr. Melchionda.

The urbanization works are already in progress and the foundation stone is going to be laid in fall 2009, while the public Grand Opening is scheduled for winter season 2010-2011.

Irgenre is one of the most solid and accredited companies within the South-Italy real estate market, dealing with development and construction of retail, hotel and industrial buildings. Promos is an Italian property management company, leader in the development and management of real estate projects, such as factory outlets, shopping centers and retail parks.

Source: Promos

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