IRG International Realty Group exclusive representative for the Libeskind Villa Project (PT)

Ole Jespersen, director and owner of IRG International Realty Group/Christie's Great Estates, is proud to announce that IRG International Realty Group has been recently selected as the sole representative for the Libeskind Villa.

LibeskindVilla - grand Room (c) Screen ID

The Villa, Portugal, homes designed by Daniel Libeskind, interior view.

The Villa is the first signature series home designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. The Villa is available as a worldwide limited edition of only 30 geographically exclusive homes; and is a perfect example of the unique and exceptional opportunities IRG has access to.

Like a crystal growing from rock, a dramatic structure emerges from the ground. The Libeskind Villa creates a new dialogue between contemporary living and a completely new experience of space.

The Villa's design awakens the senses: light floods through glass expanses, clean lines invite calm, elegant halls and staircases offer seamless transitions. Symbolically and physically, the Villa's connection with nature is uninterrupted, offering ample natural light and open spaces. The Villa is not just an architectural masterpiece, but also a sculpture, a piece of living art and a focal point in its own right.

It is up to the future owner to decide upon the location. But whether an urban setting, a miraculous shoreline or a mountain landscape, the Villa will become one with its surrounding.

Source: IRG

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