IPE Real Estate Investor Forum & Awards: Nominate Best Industry Providers for Awards

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The IPE Real Estate Awards 2006 is the first event to honour investors and service providers alike for performance, transparency and innovation in investing within the real estate sector.
They will be presented on the evening of 1 June.
To nominate all you need to do is email your nominees to fred.monteil@ipe.com

The Award Categories:
- Outstanding industry contribution award
- Best real estate investment consultancy
- Real estate investment manager of the year
- Real estate securities investment manager of the year

Currently, the final details of IPE Real Estate magazines annual Conference and Awards are being hammered out in advance of the May 31 June 2 event at the Amsterdam Hilton.

Pension trustee Georg Inderst will be presenting the results of his study on infrastructure as an institutional investment class and Soren Schjoedt-Hansen, CIO, Finanssektorens Pensionskasse will be recounting his experiences as one of five pension funds in the Danish institutional investment club.

Neil Crosby, professor of land management at Reading University will be explaining what has gone wrong with valuation as a discipline on the international stage.

The asset allocation game is being chaired by FERI the German consultant and the conferences four gold sponsors will champion the case for core, value-added, opportunity and joint-venture property investments. Three audience members will each receive a Harrods hamper for coming closest to guessing the chairmans ideal allocation.

Amongst the pension fund case studies, Hermann Aukamp will make a presentation on the real estate commitments of German medical fund Nordrheinische Aerzteversorgung.

Eberhard Walz will be hosting the panel session on the future of open-ended funds in the age of German and British REITS.

Attendance to the IPE Real Estate Awards and Conference is virtually free for investors as IPE Real Estate offer pension fund and insurance company managers two nights free accommodation as well as up to €350 towards travel expenses. If you would like to attend, contact fred.monteil@ipe.com

A view on beautiful Amsterdam.

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