IPD publishes Property Fund Directories for 2007 (UK)

IPD has released its UK, European and Asian Property Fund Directories for 2007. Published simultaneously for the first time, this suite of Directories provides details on structures, strategies and profiles of property funds investing in UK, Europe and Asia. Overall IPD has increased the combined market coverage within the books by 29%.

Aimed at improving the transparency within the markets covered, the books provide details on 900 property funds investing in over 25 countries. The directories provide an essential source for quick and comprehensive fund-specific information for both Investors and Fund Managers.

Each directory also includes detailed research reports on each of the markets covered, which provide useful insights into current market trends. These research notes are further enhanced by the inclusion of expert articles provided by leading industry figures, discussing key themes and issues concerning the property fund industry. The research indicates that the property fund markets covered by the directories have continued to rapidly increase in size, indicating that managers are still fighting to keep up with investor demand for property.

"We have seen the popularity of the IPD Property Fund Directories grow markedly over the past five years. Our aim is to be able to offer a consolidated view of the products and opportunities available to investors and a space within which managers can demonstrate their transparent credentials."

Source: IPD

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