IPD: Property market completes 12 months of positive growth (UK)

The UK commercial property market has completed a full year of capital growth, with markets rising by 15.4% since last August, according to July's IPD UK Monthly Index.

Over the month, the market returned just 0.2% positive capital growth – matching the figure which kick-started the recovery at the end of last summer. A stable 0.6% income return contributed to a monthly 0.8% total return.

At the sector level, the return to positive capital growth has differing starting points. The retail sector has recovered the most ground, with values rising one month ahead of the main market, to give cumulative growth since the trough of 18.6%, benefiting from the UK's emergence from recession over the first quarter of the year.

The office market has risen by 13.8% since its low point 11 months ago, in line with the broader market, while the Industrial sector, which also began its recovery last August, recording the shallowest capital appreciation of the three sectors – still a substantial 10.8%.

Mark Clacy-Jones, Research Manager at IPD, said: "For four consecutive months the pace of capital appreciation has attenuated, as yield compression remains fractional across the sectors. The pace of rental decline remains slight, at minus five basis points. So, the property picture looks stagnant at the end of the summer, but – as we know – this can change quickly as events over the latest cycle have proved."

The last time UK commercial property managed 12 consecutive months of capital growth was in the month the market peaked, in June 2007, when annual growth rate was 7.1%.

Clacy-Jones added: "The rebound to date has delivered capital appreciation at more than twice the growth rate of the final 12 months of the last property Bull Run, which puts into context just how far markets have recovered despite the slower pace in recent months."

The IPD UK Monthly Index measures 3,537 properties worth £32.1bn as at July 2010.

Source: IPD

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