IPD adds two Sveafastigheter funds to the SFI / IPD Swedish Property Index (SE)

IPD, the world-leading provider of commercial property investment measurement services, has announced the addition of two Sveafastigheter funds, "Sveafastigheter Sverige I" and "Sveafastigheter Fund II", to the SFI/IPD Swedish Property Index.

The historical performance of both funds will be incorporated into the backhistory of the index and therefore will be a component of the 2007 index return that will be reported at the end of February 2008.

IPD Norden Director, Christina Gustafsson, welcomed the new addition. "SFI and IPD are always very happy to incorporate new funds into the index. Newly included funds increase the coverage of indices and hence also further increase their accuracy, making them an even better product for investors and performance measurers."

The SFI / IPD Swedish Property Index is based on a sample of 1,027 properties covering €21.2 bln. at the end of December 2006.


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