Investment in an age of Uncertainty, topic of the opening session

Tim Harford, one of Britain's leading economists, will provide a global economic outlook, focusing in particular on European economies and their potential to prosper despite their less than ideal condition. He will review current economic and financial trends in Europe and in Spain, forecast future trends, and discuss why these forecasts are often mistakenly used as a strong investment guide. In this thought-provoking session, Harford will discuss his belief that value investing—in every economy—occurs when the investor can spot what others cannot or do not see.

Tim Harford was the first Meter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times Magazine and writes The Dear Economist column and his new column, the Undercover Economist, like his book.
His book is an economist’s version of The undercover economist: Exposing Why the Rich are Rich, the Poor are Poor â€" and Why You Can Never Buy A Decent Used Car, part field guide to economics and part exposé of how economic forces shape our lives, often without our

knowing it. Tim has also been a scenario expert at Shell and an economist at the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank), where he wrote the most quoted report in World Bank history, Doing Business in 2005. He is coauthor of The Market of Aid. He also is the writer and presenter for the forthcoming BBC 2 TV Series, Trust me, I'm an economist.

Source: Barcelona Meeting Point

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