Intended appointment members Management Board of Corio N.V. (NL)

The Supervisory Board will inform the General Meeting of Shareholders on of the intended appointment of three new members of the Management Board of Corio N.V. as from 1 May 2006. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) agreed in principle to these three intended appointments in March.

This concerns two new members for a period of two years without a specific management portfolio, namely Frederic Fontaine (CEO of Corio France since 1 May 2003) and Gerard Groener (CEO of Corio Nederland Retail since 1 January 2006). After their appointment Mr Fontaine and Mr Groener will also continue to practice their present responsibilities and their present contract term, remuneration and other individual conditions will be maintained.

In addition the intention is to appoint John Kuik for a period of four years. Mr Kuik is a former partner of Arthur Andersen (1986-2002) and Deloitte (2002-2005). Mr Kuik will take over the CFO position from Jan Docter, who has held this post on an interim basis since 15 August 2005. The remuneration of Mr Kuik is entirely in accordance with the remuneration policy as adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders of December 2004, by which the fixed gross annual salary is contractually set at 250,000 including holiday allowance. In addition a short-term bonus is maximized at 60% of the gross annual salary and a long-term bonus at 30%. The contribution that will be made available by Corio
towards an individual pension is set at 20% of the gross annual salary.

Source: Corio

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