INREV launches next step for improving market best practice of non-listed real estate funds

INREV has called upon fund managers, investors and other players in the non-listed real estate funds industry to respond to a White Paper which sets out its integrated guidelines for the European non-listed property funds market.

The consultation paper brings together the eight individual industry guidelines which have been released by INREV since early 2006. The document does not contain new content, but is the result of a restructuring effort bringing the separate guidelines together into one integrated document structured according to the lifecycle of a fund.

"Just five years ago when INREV was established, there were no common principles, guidelines and recommendations for governance and information provision in this major investment asset class. INREV has since launched a significant number of guidelines on topics ranging from corporate governance, to a standard NAV calculation and fee metrics guidelines," INREV Chief Executive, Lisette van Doorn commented.

"We are now drawing together all these initiatives in a single set of integrated guidelines

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