Initiators Group of the Green Building Council of Croatia form four Action Committees (HR)

Initiators Group of the Green Building Council of Croatia established four Action Committees that will each address an important area of council development, collectively preparing an overall plan of action and strategy for the GBC Croatia. The resulsting action plan, that will come as a result of this efforts, will comprehensively describe the organization's current status as well as medium and long term plans for the future.

The four Action Committees are the (1) Business & Operational Plan and Organization Setup Committee; (2) Green Building Market & Legislation Research Committee; (3) GBC Croatia Service & Product Development Committee; and (4) Strategic Plans for Membership, Fundraising, & Marketing Committee.

Initiators Group of the Green Building Council of Croatia broughts together 9 representatives of companies, organizations, and institutions representatives including the Environmental Committee of American Chamber of Commerce, the American Embassy, the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb, architectural studio Archisphera, consulting companies CB Richards Ellis, Colliers International and Davis Langdon, Orpheus Consulting Engineers for project development and technology and Verdispar property investment and development group.

Business & Operational Plan and Organization Setup Committee will define organization description, structure, management principles and consolidate operational, financial and marketing plans.

This Committee will collaborate with other relevant action Committties to compile and/or write all necessary components for the GBC Croatia business & operational plans. Likewise, it will be in charge for registration of the organization and all administrational and operational activities linked for legaly established functioning of the GBC Croatia.

Green Building Market & Legislation Research Committee is formed to conduct relevant market research with a focus on existing and pipeline legislation in Croatia, EU and surrounding countries as well as the analysis how it will affect the building sector. Except the legislation aspect, this Committee will analyse topics such as enery efficiency, materials usage, design practices and indoor environmental quality in existing building stock on Croatian market and the the potential for green building in Croatia.

GBC Croatia Service and Product Development will investigate and analyse the products and services offered by all existing and emerging GBC's around the world. Based on the gathered information, the Committee will recommend establishment and registration of products and service to be offered by GBC Croatia such as building certification, professional accreditation, trainings, publications, conferences, resource libraries, websites, etc.

Strategic Plans for Membership, Fundraising and Marketing Committee will focus on research of potential target areas and groups for GBC Croatia membership and sponsorship. That will as a result provide a relevant strategy after profiling target groups needs, interests and willingness to pay for membership linked with the services, products and other possible membership benefits and attachment to the Green Building Council. Also, this Committee will create a strategy for soliciting, attracting and retaining members and sponsors of the GBC Croatia.

Erin Inglish, Regional Sustainabillity Advisor for Colliers International of Southeast Europe, and Chair of this Initiators Group's meeting, said "The initiation of the Green Building Council formation process in Croatia is a lankmark achievement for the Croatian development sectors. The GBC Croatia has the potential to make a significant contribution to the way development happens —from the way materials are extracted and processed, to the design principles applied, to the practices used by occupants. It has the potential to rapidly build knowledge, understanding and capacity for these major changes to the way buildings are designed, constructed, occupied, and disposed of. The formation of an efficacious council will require immense cooperation from all real estate-sector stakeholders; it will challenge us to rethink buildings as we know them, but it will present amazing opportunities for Croatia to contribute to and prosper from both local and global sustainable development goals."

GBC Croatia continues with its’ work at regular meetings on monthly basys and will keep informing the public and all interested parties of preparation and implementation of organization's Action plan.

Source: Colliers

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