ING Real Estate launches REAL Photography Award (NL)

ING Real Estate has launched the REAL Photography Award. The unique, bi-annual photography award is open to international artists who depict Nature, Development and Architecture and their interplay in an authentic, original and innovative manner. The winner will receive €50,000 in prize money. The REAL Photography Award is unique because of its theme, global scope - artists from all over the world are invited to participate - and the sum of the prize money.

The theme reflects ING Real Estate's business focus - the integration of Nature, Development and Architecture. It is also an expression of ING Real Estate's particular interest in contemporary photography. "The integration and interrelation of Nature, Development and Architecture are key to our business. The trend has also become an increasingly important topic in international contemporary art. The REAL Photography Award pays tribute to this trend," said George Jautze, CEO of ING Real Estate, during the launch ceremony.

Contemporary artists from all over the world are invited to send in their photographic interpretation of the award theme. Thirty entries will be nominated for first prize. They will be included in an exclusive travelling exhibition in November and published in a full-colour illustrated catalogue to be made available during the exhibition. An international jury, whose members have earned their spurs in modern art, architecture and photography, will select the winning entry from among the thirty nominees. The winning artist will be announced during the exhibition's opening. The work of the short-listed artists may also be acquired by the REAL Photography Collection.

The REAL Photography Award supplements the ING REAL Photography collection. ING Real Estate began the collection over a year ago, which has since then matured into a serious corporate photography collection containing over 40 photographs by international artists with a focus on Nature, Development and Architecture. To inspire artists to participate in the award, ING Real Estate also periodically presents photographs taken by internationally acclaimed artists on request. These will be presented individually in the period leading up to November 2007. The first photograph in this series is entitled Constructing Meaning by Caroline Prisse. German artist Matthias Hoch has been asked to create the second photograph in this series; it will be unveiled in May.

Source: ING Real Estate

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