Industry embraces the concept of REAL ESTATE NORTH in Hamburg (DE)

REAL ESTATE NORTH – the international exhibition devoted to commercial real estate and real estate development – is gearing up for its premiere in 2010. "We have noticed a tangible upturn in business as a result of the current low interest rates and a more stable property market. The response from the industry with regard to taking part in the trade fair is therefore very positive," comments Katariina Rohrbach, Head of the International Trade Fair Department at Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany. "We are experiencing considerable interest from national and international businesses as well as institutions offering real estate for commercial use that are looking for investors."

The first International Trade Fair for Commercial Real Estate in Hamburg will take place on 2 and 3 June 2010. This opportunity will allow the industry in northern and north-eastern Europe to show what properties are being traded on the markets for commercial use. There will also be a comprehensive overview of all the services relating to construction, acquisition, management and maintenance, with a particular focus on logistics. REAL ESTATE NORTH will be held with the exclusive support of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – thus, the 18 regional investment programs for the German states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. The trade fair will be held at the Terminal Tango at Hamburg Airport, a location that offers high quality infrastructure for international exhibitors and visitors. And a wide range of activities to attract international visitors has already been put in place.

Exhibitor interest is large and international
In particular municipal and city administration agencies and also economic and metropolitan regions as well as real estate developers, consultants and agencies, investors, architecture agencies and other service providers are showing great interest in taking part in the trade fair. From Germany, the regional investment agencies from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, including the state agencies from Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, have confirmed their intention to participate exclusively in REAL ESTATE NORTH as ideational partners.

The overseas representatives of Deutsche Messe consider the potential for attracting exhibitors from the most important target countries to be good; there have already been numerous enquiries from and contacts established in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Discussions regarding the establishment of pavilions for Poland and Luxembourg are currently being held. A good mix of international exhibitors is thus expected.

Visitor promotion campaign launched
The network of international Deutsche Messe representatives is also already active with regard to visitor acquisition. For example, a large number of visitors from different economic regions in the Baltic area have already confirmed their attendance. Plans for international visitor activities, such as delegation trips, are already being made together with the REAL ESTATE NORTH partner, the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Investment Board. The first visitor newsletter will also be issued in mid-December. Approximately 50% of the current subscribers are from English-speaking countries. Two further editions of the newsletter will be issued before the event takes place.

Professionally organized tours of new projects and commercial properties also form part of the trade fair concept. REAL ESTATE NORTH offers the industry a platform for generating new business that is specifically aligned to northern and north-eastern Europe.

Source: Deutsche Messe

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