Inauguration of Calatrava Bridge focus of Jerusalem anniversary (IL)

On June 25th, the city of Jerusalem marks 40 years of reunification with a spectacular celebration and public inauguration of the new Jerusalem Light Rail Train Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. The bridge will serve as a dramatic new entry point to the holy city, and will be the centerpiece of the new light rail system and symbol of the city's push for urban renewal. Calatrava is also the creator of another remarkable bridge in the Israeli city Petah Tikva, and recently received an honorary doctorate degree from Tel Aviv University.

Calatrava's cable-stayed bridge in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem bridge--which gracefully accommodates within a light and transparent structure two light rail tracks, a pedestrian walkway and a public plaza below--is Calatrava's response to the request of city officials for a structure imbued with not only beauty but meaning as well. Calatrava, whose recognizable work is often credited with transforming the face of its surroundings, readily accepted the commission and set about to create a bridge that would serve as a welcoming gate and a symbol and force for reconciliation.

Santiago Calatrava designed this cable-stayed bridge with a single inclined pylon that creates a clear visual direction towards the city. The cables are arranged in a parabolic shape which develops three-dimensionally in space, thus amplifying the impressive visual impact unique for this bridge. Overall the strings and form of this structure suggest a giant harp

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