IN MEMORIAM: Gar Hendriks The Mediator has passed away (NL)

On October 25, 2005, Gar Hendriks (63), director of Habiforum, passed away. Such a short sentence for a truly great loss. On Monday October 31, the Roman Catholic Church of Reeuwijk, his hometown in the Netherlands, was overcrowded with people from the real estate sector. They stood in line for hours to offer condolences to his wife Lenie and sons Michael, Rogier and their wives, and to honor Gar Hendriks.

What made Gar so special? Direct and honest speeches during the funeral ceremony clarified it for those who didn't know already. Gar combined a brilliant career in real estate with - as a continuous thread in his life - his great capability to bring people together to achieve practically impossible goals. 'A real mediator'. Hans van Veggel, CCO AM NV, said it straight from the heart, "Gar was an enormously capable human bridge builder; without his contribution AM would not be as big as it is now". Mr. Jan Baas of political party CDA/Municipality Reeuwijk, noted that Gar showed the same capacity in local politics. He stated, "Gar formed a bridge between all religious parties in a time that it seemed impossible to bring them together. And after this achievement he was their local party leader for a few years". His son Rogier proudly told everyone how Gar was a great and warm father too. Looking back in the 'Liber Amicorum' (an over 90-page book published in 2002 for Gar Hendriks' farewell as director of Multi Vastgoed), 14 well known people - including mayors, aldermen, top investors, directors of real estate companies and pension funds – praise this special man. Gar Hendriks 'The Mediator' is gone; we're going to miss him. May God bless his soul.

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