IMMOFINANZ Group to develop plus-energy building: presentation of Casa Stupenda in Germany (DE)

With the Casa Stupenda, a pioneering plus-energy house is under construction in Duesseldorf's MediaHarbor. This project is being developed and realized by IMMOFINANZ Group in an 80:20 joint venture with the Duesseldorf project developer capricorn DEVELOPMENT. Star architect Renzo Piano will be responsible for the design of the buildings. The outstanding construction costs total approx. €100 million, and completion is scheduled for 2015.

The Casa Stupenda is a prime office building that offers approx. 28,000 m² of rentable office space as well as approx. 3,500 m² for retailers and 480 underground parking spaces. Here is sustainability the overriding goal: the Casa Stupenda not only covers its own energy requirements, but also generates surplus energy that is fed into the public grid.

The energy generated and used in this project comes exclusively from renewable sources: a unique concept that benefits the immediate environment and - through optimized operating costs - tenants as well.

"The Casa Stupenda in Duesseldorf represents the realization of a very ambitious goal: a building that is neutral with respect to external energy suppliers and also capable of supplying energy externally.

"This project sets new standards not only for the MediaHarbor, but also far beyond. It underscores our strategic focus as a modern and trendsetting real estate company in Europe", commented Eduard Zehetner, CEO of IMMOFINANZ Group.

"Actually, a building harmonizes with only one location", emphasized Robertino Wild, Managing Director of capricorn DEVELOPMENT GmbH, on the perfect coordination between the building and its environment.

Seven buildings, one ensemble - architecture with a focus on integration
The Casa Stupenda comprises seven individual buildings that are combined into an ensemble and allow for flexible use. With this project, architect Renzo Piano is once again demonstrating his expertise and creative ability. The Casa Stupenda is only the latest in a number of reference projects: the work by this Pritzker prize winner ranges from the Centre Pompidou to Europe's highest skyscraper in London.

However, Renzo Piano is not only interested in superlatives. His goal is to integrate projects smoothly into their environment and to create optical reference points. The Casa Stupenda is located close to the Rhine and the old city in the midst of Duesseldorf's MediaHarbor with its diverse, in part spectacular structures. It is not easy to stand out in this area - but Piano has been able to create an optical highlight that fits perfectly with the harbor's architecture and sets a unique accent.

The Casa Stupenda development project will be carried out by IMMOFINANZ Group (80%) in cooperation with capricorn DEVELOPMENT (20%) in an 80:20 joint venture structure. As one of the leading European real estate corporations, IMMOFINANZ Group realizes its projects quickly and efficiently due to its financial power and expertise - from development and mana

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