IMMOEAST included into European property shares index GPR 15 (AT)

IMMOEAST Immobilien Anlagen AG has been included into Europe's most-important and elite real estate stock index since July 3, 2006. As of that date, the IMMOFINANZ Group's two listed firms, IMMOFINANZ itself and IMMOEAST, became constituents of the GPR 15, representing the 15 most-important, listed European real estate companies.

IMMOEAST's inclusion is recognition of its rapidly increasing capitalisation on the stock exchange, its high liquidity and the great interest that international institutional investors have in the leading real estate firm in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, the weighting of IMMOFINANZ has clearly increased. IMMOFINANZ represents now 9.4% of the GPR 15, and IMMOEAST 2.2%. The Group's 11.6% exceeds the percentage of any other continental European real estate firm, leaving behind such heavyweights as Rodamco (NL), Unibail (F) and Metrovacesa (E).

The inclusion of IMMOEAST and the higher weighting of IMMOFINANZ also mean that the entire Austrian stock market has excellent representation in the GPR 15. With the exception of Great Britain, traditionally dominant in real estate stocks, Austria has the highest representation in the GPR 15.

The GPR 15 is the most important reference index for European real estate stocks and of great importance to the investment decisions of institutional investors. Board Chairman Karl Petrikovics says that "IMMOEAST's inclusion in the GPR 15, as well as its recent inclusion in MSCI World, is a significant distinction that makes clear the firm's importance in financial markets."


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