IKB Deutsche Industriebank opens real estate finance division in Italy (IT/DE)

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, a German bank specializing in long term credit to companies, has announced that it has opened a new division dedicated to real estate financing in Italy.

Head of the Real Estate division in Italy is Mr Antonio Biggi, with a direct reporting line to Mr Carsten Nilsson, Managing Director of the International Real Estate Finance Division of IKB, based in Frankfurt.

Antonio Biggi (45) has a degree from Bocconi University and enjoys a high experience in structured finance especially in the transport, logistic and retail sector, acquired in specialized banks such as IBJ and WestLB AG.

The Real Estate division will concentrate its activity on the structuring and developing of real estate financings (related to both the acquisition of existing properties and to the development of new initiatives), as well as on promoting cross-border transactions especially with Germany. The main focus of the division will be on the office, retail and logistic segments.

IKB has been active in Italy since 2006 with a branch operative in acquisition and project financing, headed by Mr Daniele Candiani.

Source: IKB

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