IIG to build two production facilities in Poland for Scandinavian clients (PL/BE)

Immo Industry Group (IIG) announces that it will build two production facilities in Poland for Scandinavian clients. The facility for Outokumpu, a Finland based leading global stainless steel products supplier, will be constructed at the IIG Industrial Park Katowice. For Plastal, a Swedish leading supplier of engineered plastics to the automotive industry, IIG will build an assembly facility in Swarzedz near Poznan.

Outokumpu produces a wide range of stainless steel products and grades for many industries. The IIG Industrial Park Katowice provided a perfect match with Outokumpu's plans to service Central Europe's increasing stainless steel demand. The park's excellent road and rail links were of crucial importance to Outokumpu. IIG's engineers ensured that the new facility meets Outokumpu's exhaustive technical requirements. Outokumpu project leader Seppo Koivuniemi said: "Outokumpu is a specialist in the stainless steel, but not in industrial real estate. We have trust in IIG and we believe that they have the required experience to do this project well and in time."

Outokumpu is the IIG Industrial Park Katowice's first client. With its 14,200-m² facility on a 53,000-m² plot, the Finnish based stainless steel manufacturer will take about one third of the park's total surface. "Outokumpu's decision to settle at the park confirms our parks strategy," says Marek Kosielski, General Manager for IIG Poland. "With 18 parks in various development phases throughout mainly Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, IIG presents its potential clients with the best available industrial parks coverage. Industrial parks are ideal solution for clients that insist on the shortest possible time-to-market without compromising on built standards and quality." In line with IIG's philosophy, facilities at IIG industrial parks are of the same tailor-made standards as at stand alone sites.

Plastal supplies bumper systems and other plastic components to automotive clients including Audi, Bentley, BMW, Maybach, Mercedes, Porsche, Saab, Scania and Volvo. At the new 10,000-m² facility, Plastal will produce large plastic components for Volkswagen, Fiat and Ford. IIG's engineers planned an overhead crane of 35 tons that would carry extremely heavy moulds and adapted the floor strength and foundations accordingly. They also provided for additional ventilation.

Royden Morgan, Plastal's Managing Director in Poland, stated that, "following our decision to focus investment on our core business and not on real estate, we began seeking a reliable developer to support us in meeting our real estate requirements for Poznan. And IIG presented us with the best solution on all levels. Financially and technically, it confirmed IIG's strong professional reputation and track record. In addition, IIG succeeded in securing land at our preferred location, as the new facility is close to Plastal's other Poznan plant and its main client, Volkswagen."

IIG is proud to be associated with a leading automotive tier 1 supplier who insists on delivering high quality solutions to its clients. "Plastal's demanding requirements and superior standards made us natural partners, because our own in-house engineers, logistics and industrial process consultants and financial experts always focus on delivering the best possible customized complete solution to our clients," says Marek Kosielski, General Manager of IIG Poland. "IIG has always believed that combining its vast international expertise with its local skills and experience results in the best technical and financial solution at the best possible location."

Source: Comfi

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