Igor Nikonov, K.A.N. Development Group

Igor Nikonov, President of the K.A.N. Development Group of companies (known for projects such as RC Parkove Misto, RC Comfort Town, BC 101 TOWER, EC Arena Entertainment, SC Arena City, BC Dominant, Ocean Plaza Mall, BC IQ Business Center, RC Diamond Hill), speaks here about the large-scale multi-purpose project Respublika in Kiev which is currently under construction, supported by the project investor MEGAPOLISZHYTLOBUD. The exclusive broker of Respublika is UTG.

You have previously mentioned your plan to implement a unique project, Respublika, in Kiev. Can you give us some details on the project?

“The multi-purpose complex Respublika is a completely new concept in property development in Ukraine. It is an integrated development of new urban areas on an unprecedented scale; an environment that will provide the population with all necessary infrastructure to ensure a happy life. This concept is reflected in the project slogan ‘CLOSE TO HAPPINESS’.

“Respublika will occupy an area of 1.625 million m² in total. The multi-purpose complex will consist of a residential area of more than 1 million m², the largest in Ukraine, a 300,000 m² super-regional shopping and entertainment complex, a hotel, bus station, health center, kindergartens, schools and a multi-story car parking.

“In terms of architecture we will use the principle of quarterly development, which is currently applied worldwide, in countries such as Argentina, and especially in European town planning practices in Spain, Holland, Sweden, Germany. The principle achieves both high-quality town planning and the highest business attraction. New residential quarters are being constructed based on this principle in Madrid, Barcelona, Antwerp etc.

“The architectural concept was developed by the very creative primary team at Archimatika architectural office, which is already well-known through our successful joint projects RC Parkove Misto, Comfort Town etc. The interior concept of the shopping mall was developed by the international architectural firm Chapman Taylor. The project will be implemented jointly with the investor MEGAPOLISZHYTLOBUD.”

The main slogan of the Respublika project is ‘CLOSE TO HAPPINESS’. Why did you choose it?

“The rush of life dictates new rules and so improvement in quality of life is brought to the fore. We don’t want to construct just another complex or ‘a city within a city’, but a real republic of happiness.

“The residents of our housing complex will not have to waste time looking for a place to relax, meet friends, or waiting for a couple of months before they can get their children into kindergarten, because everything will be around – social assets, marketplaces, entertainment areas that will be constructed especially for you, for your comfort, 24 hours per day. Our Respublika is designed to arouse positive emotions in people.”

Describe the location of Respublika

“Respublika is a new generation project. It is located on Koltsevaya Doroga – the main transportation hub in Kiev. When developing the concept, we carefully examined traffic data and the capacity of highways during weekdays, weekends and rush hours. In order to offer the largest scale mixed-use project built to date with maximum accessibility, our experts have developed a junction layout that will allow the residents of the future residential area and visitors to the shopping mall to move within the complex and to access it from any point in the city without encountering traffic jams or other difficulties. One of the most important benefits for future residents and visitors to the multi-purpose complex Respublika will be the new metro station.”

What will make Respublika stand out against the background of similar operating centers in Ukraine, and in comparison to projects that have already been developed by your company?

“There are no projects comparable to this one. We will construct the largest multi-purpose complex not only at a local, but also a national level. As I mentioned before, the project will consist of up-to-date and well-developed infrastructure, including a large park, kindergartens, schools for children of all ages, sports grounds, a stadium, barbecue area, medical centers, a hotel and even a bus station.

“Moreover, Respublica will have the largest family shopping mall in Ukraine. It will include more than 400 shops that cater to every taste and price range, as well as the first all-season amusement park in Ukraine, covering an area of more than 22,000 m².”

Tell us more about the entertainment center. Will you offer your visitors any new forms of entertainment?

“The Respublika shopping mall is unique primarily because it contains the largest family entertainment center. We will offer our visitors forms of entertainment that don’t exist in Ukraine today, such as a 455-meter long rollercoaster, a Ferris wheel with an 18-meter diameter, a ‘Drop Tower’, a unique wind tunnel for both professionals and other visitors and many other rides.

“The visitors can also watch movies in one of the largest multiplex cinemas, play bowling with friends, ice or roller skate, visit a new concept fitness club, have a good time in restaurants and cafés with terraces.”

What will the residential area of the multi-purpose complex Respublika be like?

“A large residential area consisting of 45 low-rise buildings with more than 14,000 apartments is designed within the site of the multi-purpose complex Respublika. However, it will not cover the entire surface of the site; we will also set up a special recreation area with parks, alleys and water basins.”

The Respublika Mall project sounds very impressive in terms of its scale. When and where do you plan to start developing it?

“According to our company’s project development concept, we always start the implementation of projects from the infrastructure. The Respublika Mall project is no exception to this rule. Thus, residents of the new housing complex will be provided with operational infrastructure facilities from the first days of settlement.

“The bus station and super-regional shopping mall will be constructed first. In a very short time, the 3,000 m² bus station equipped with all necessary infrastructure will take on its first passengers and will be able to service up to 8,500 people daily.

"Respublika will be the first project where K.A.N. Development jointly with the project investor MEGAPOLISZHYTLOBUD will launch a transportation project within an infrastructure project, not only locally, but also at a national level. The bus station together with the high traffic on Koltsevaya Doroga and a metro station that is planned to be opened will create a major junction point in Kiev.”

What are your expectations in terms of investments in the development of the shopping mall and when do you plan to open it?

“Construction of the Respublika Mall is already on the fast track. Project investments will amount to approximately US $350 million. We plan to open this center, which will be the biggest shopping mall in Ukraine, in the first quarter of 2014. I am sure that Respublika will prove to be our best project so far.

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