IFM to build 11-story high-rise at Kureck project in Wiesbaden (DE)

Within the framework of its Kureck project development in Wiesbaden, IFM Immobilien AG is planning to demolish the former R+V high-rise along with the adjacent R+V Casino plus underground car park in order to raise an 11-story mixed-use building of high-end residential and commercial units.

The recent publication of the area’s local development plan by the City of Wiesbaden has cleared the way for filing the planning applications as a first step in realizing this project. The architectural firm Max Dudler has been commissioned to handle the planning for the new building.

The new structure will not be quite as tall as the former R+V high-rise, and will thus cause the residential plots on the slope behind the estate to appreciate considerably. There are no plans to compensate the loss in floor area due to the reduced building height in some other way. Rather, it will be made up for by the increase in quality for the project.

“We are pleased to have found a solution together with officials in Wiesbaden that will benefit both the project and the cityscape of Wiesbaden as a whole. This will boost the value of the entire enterprise,” said Volker de Boer, CEO of IFM Immobilien AG. “A careful analysis revealed that the existing building fabric would not have been suitable for a revitalization along the lines we had in mind, with reasons including the low floor-to-ceiling height and the fire damage, among others.

Moreover, with a view to the latest market trends in Wiesbaden, it seems quite sensible to set a significant share of the floor areas aside for residential use, including in the former R+V building.

By opting for a new building in the dimensions now contemplated, we ensured that we would be creating high-end, modern residential and commercial space while substantially upgrading the quality of the residential area beyond. At the same time, we captured the essence of the current market by rededicating oversized office accommodation into state-of-the-art residential units.”

Source: IFM Immobilien

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