ICSC to speak at energy event with Europe's mayors (BE)

ICSC has been invited to participate in a high-profile meeting of Europe's mayors and local representatives, along with the major European retailers. At the meeting, participants will discuss the challenge of improving energy efficiency in retail stores.

Mr Peter Wilhelm, CEO of Wilhelm and Co, past ICSC board member and member of the ICSC Public Affairs Committee, will be one of the key speakers at the event on 4 May in Brussels in the headquarters of the Committee of the Regions.

The event, hosted by the European Retail Roundtable, will focus on the role that each part of the chain can play in reducing energy consumption from local authorities to developers, owners and managers of retail property, as well as the retailers and tenants. It will look at the barriers to energy improvements such as a lack of shared data and uneven distribution of the cost and benefits of energy-efficiency investments.

The event will also be an opportunity to improve the understanding among decision makers at all levels of government of the nature of retail property and the challenges faced in reducing energy use while maintaining the right environment for retail and for consumers.

Source: ICSC

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