ICSC talks environmental policy to international lawyers group (AT)

The Real Estate sector of the International Bar Association held a conference in Vienna on 20-21 May. ICSC Public Affairs representative Sarah Lee was one of the key speakers at a panel session dealing with environmental legislation and the implications of the legislation for association members.

Joining Lee as speakers were two distinguished real estate lawyers and Martin Elsberger of the European Commission, who was responsible for drafting the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which was officially adopted earlier this week.

The panel focused on the legal obligations for companies arising from the growing tide of environmental legislation at the EU level and the implications this will have for the association's members when advising clients in the real estate sector. Members also discussed the growing demand among investors for green and sustainable buildings and the role of legislation at the EU and national level in driving this trend. In addition to looking at the requirements of the Energy Performance of Building Directive, the panel debated the role of green certification schemes in helping to demonstrate added-value and on how policies in the field of transport and environment can influence planning and locational decisions.

Source: ICSC

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