ICSC launches Retail Property School in Ukraine (UA/US)

Following successful schools held earlier this year in Turkey and Brussels, ICSC's John T. Riordan International School for Professional Development is being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine from 5-9 November 2007.

This comprehensive educational programme is a highly-respected shopping center marketing and management course. Over an intensive five days, it provides students with all the basic fundamentals and advanced knowledge of the industry they will need to develop their skills and career in this exciting market sector, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn skills and tools which they can put to use immediately on their return to the workplace.

The school is also held in the USA, India, Singapore and Mexico.

Ermine Amies, Managing Director of ICSC Europe, said, "This School is an initiative led by our members. The instructors, Avi Alkas SCMD,SCSM from Turkey, Tony Longstaff from the United Kingdom, Stanley L. Eichelbaum SCMD, USA and Shavak Srivastava of the United Arab Emirates are members of ICSC and industry leaders who volunteer to share their knowledge and expertise by teaching classes. This makes every lesson practical and relevant.

"Vadim Neposedov, General Director, Ukrainian Trade Guild (UTG), is the ICSC member who visited me in London to request that this association bring ICSC professional training for the industry to Ukraine. Sharing knowledge and expertise is an essential benefit of being part of a global industry member association. So we were pleased to work with him to make it happen."

"Vadim assigned senior staff from his team to make sure retail property professionals in the Ukraine heard about the school. With the assistance and expertise of UTG, the course materials have been translated into Russian and a special leasing session developed on the specific leasing conditions of the Ukrainian market. I am grateful to Vadim and his colleagues for their support and leadership in making this School a success in Kyiv."

The development of the school follows a study tour to the Ukraine organised by ICSC for retailers and developers earlier this year. This allowed networking and interaction between the visitors new to the country and local retail property professionals. Following this tour and the school, ICSC members will start meeting regularly in Ukraine to share ideas and organize industry networking with colleagues and competitors within the country and from abroad. At the next ICSC European Conference, Russian translation will be offered to the 1,500 high level delegates.

The John T. Riordan International School for Professional Development (Level 1) in Kyiv is a five-day program leading to an ICSC Management & Marketing Institute Certificate.

The Level 1 program covers a comprehensive course taught by prominent shopping center professionals from the US, Europe and Asia. Disciplines include Management, Marketing and Leasing. Students learn the fundamentals of operating a shopping center more effectively. They also gain insights into the art and science of merchandising, effective economics and leasing strategies and how to maximize income, retail productivity and the long-term value of retail property assets.

Previous students of the School for Professional Development include ambitious executives who are committed to their career in the industry, new managers and those who want to enhance their day-to-day performance in their workplace and improve their companies' business performance and profitability. 80 students from 36 companies will attend the lessons which will all be delivered in Russian. Where needed, instructors speaking in English will have their classes and case studies simultaneously translated into Russian.

Source: ICSC

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