ICSC gets emotional at 2010 European Marketing Conference (PT)

Emotion stimulates the mind much faster than rational thought and this year ICSC will be highlighting how to harness our emotional senses to drive footfall and build shopping center loyalty at its European Marketing Conference being held in Lisbon, Portugal from 16-18 June. Expert speakers from across Europe will show how sight, sound, touch, smell and taste affect the way we make decisions.

Marketing Conference chair, Hazel Weinberg, director at HW Business Marketing Consultancy said: "We live with visual overload in real life and through social media such as Facebook and YouTube. To succeed, we must develop marketing campaigns which stand out. Many of our speakers are sensory marketing experts and will present real-life case studies on how senses are targeted to influence decisions."

Speakers from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates will all be speaking at the Marketing Conference which will also include include workshops on harnessing technology and social media to build relationships with customers.

The ICSC Solal Marketing Awards winners for 2010 will also be announced at a special evening ceremony on 17 June. This year a massive 80 marketing campaigns from across Europe are up for an award, from a record 152 entries – more than ever before received by the ICSC Marketing Awards Committee.

Hazel added: "This is an exciting time to be in Shopping Center Marketing. Centers are competing for every Euro being spent by shoppers and if emotions drive our spending habits, then we need to get more emotional than ever before."

Source: Nicky Godding Communications

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