ICSC European membership rises sharply (EUR)

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has reported an increase of almost 40% in membership numbers over the last year, making it the fastest growing region of ICSC between 2007 and 2008.

ICSC is the leading global trade association of the shopping center industry.

Membership of ICSC across Europe now stands at 2,300, a record number according to Ermine Amies, Managing Director of ICSC in Europe, "During an economic downturn, developing networks and opportunities is essential to create and capitalise on early opportunities when the recovery comes," she said. "Associations become even more important."

European membership has also widened to include retail real estate professionals in 34 countries and 13 industry sectors. Half the members are shopping center owners, developers and investors. The number of retailers becoming members of ICSC has also risen sharply and now stands at its highest ever in Europe.

Ermine Amies added: "ICSC is now running more events in more countries than ever before in order to provide our members with the networking, educational and professional support that they are seeking in order to best develop their careers and businesses."

Source: Nicky Godding

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