ICSC announces largest global retail real estate convention in the world

The International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc. (ICSC) has changed the name of their annual convention from ICSC Spring Convention to ReCon (Retail, Real Estate, Congress, Convention, Conference). Recon, "The Global Retail Real Estate Convention," will take place on May 18-21, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In making the announcement, ICSC President and CEO, Michael P. Kercheval explained, "The name ICSC Spring Convention failed to capture the leasing, networking, business aspect of the event and implied an ambiguous seasonality. The convention has been renamed and branded as ReCon, emphasizing the R-E-tail, R-eal E-state, Con-gress, Con-vention, Con-ference, aspects of the program. We expect to draw a new and wider audience who up to now may have had little interest in what they interpreted as just another trade association convention."

Hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers, ReCon connects Retail Real Estate professionals from all corners of the globe for networking, education, and deal making. This remarkable event brings together three events into one.

ReCon is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the world's leading developers, retailers and financial companies who come together once a year under one roof to do business. Whether you are a shopping center owner looking for retailers or a retailer looking for new locations, you'll find it all and more at the Recon Leasing Mall. Need capital to expand your business? No problem! The world largest commercial real estate lenders can be found at the ReCon Leasing Mall. This enormous event encompasses 2 million ft² or 186,000 m² of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Real business gets done at ReCon! In fact, over 25% of the industry's annual retail real estate transactions are conceived or consummated during ReCon.

In addition to the business opportunities found at the ReCon Leasing Mall, you will also discover the industry's latest and most innovative products and services at the ReCon Trade Exposition. The Recon Trade Exposition features over 500 exhibitors and is a one-stop shopping center that can satisfy your business needs. Whether you are looking for an architect or a Santa Claus for your mall, you'll find it at the ReCon Trade Exposition.

ReCon also features many educational opportunities. Taught by industry experts who share their knowledge and secrets to success, ReCon educational sessions focus on issues that impact you and the retail real estate industry. Choose from over 20 high-level workshops designed to help boost your business and develop your job skills. ReCon educational sessions also feature some of today's most prominent business and world leaders. Past speakers have included Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Chairman of Wal-Mart, Lee Scott and sports legend Lance Armstrong. From business and politics to philanthropy, ReCon provides a compelling and comprehensive program that will inform and inspire.

ReCon is the largest global retail real estate convention in the world, attracting more than 50,000 industry professionals. International attendance at the 2008 event is expected to increase as the conference will feature educational content that focuses on doing business globally. In the past, international attendees have experienced incredible benefits from attending the event.

Here's what some of them have to say about their experience:

Nopporn Witoonchart, CEO, Siam Future Development Plc., Thailand: "I started going to the Las Vegas Spring Convention in 1992. Each and every year, I learn a lot about what is happening around the world, and have brought many new ideas back home. I also meet people who work in the industry from across the globe, giving me the opportunity to share experiences and information."

Carlos Lecueder, President, Estudio Luis Lecueder, Uruguay: "The ICSC Spring Convention inspires me to reflect and to evaluate the state of the industry in my country - where it is, where it needs to go, and how I can contribute to getting it there. The convention al

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