Hungary's first environmentally friendly shopping center set to open soon in Budapest (HU)

Hungary's first environmentally friendly shopping and services center is set to open in mid-October in Budapest's District XII. The Hegyvidék Center will be the sole newly built commercial development to open in Budapest in 2012. With an area of 6,500 m², the small shopping center will have a family-friendly atmosphere, aiming to provide quality services and products and a distinctive range of gastronomic options at an affordable price.

The center will host the largest bank branch in the district, offering a range of premium banking services to clients over an area of 650 m² and introducing new world-class IT technology. In addition, customers will also have the use of a private banking unit and travel agency.

Customers' daily and weekly shopping needs will be catered for at the most modern supermarket in District XII, providing specialized organic and health food products and the high-quality produce of small Hungarian growers and manufacturers.

The shopping center's small "corner shop" selling unique culinary products aims to offer nothing but the finest range of organic foodstuffs and premium delicacies. It will also offer the finest of Hungary's hand-crafted gastronomic products. The capital's first premium fishmonger aims to fill a genuine gap in the market with the freshwater fish and fresh seafood on offer at its counter and aquarium.

Coffee-lovers can enjoy the world's most distinctive coffees in the Hegyvidék Center, including Kopi Luwak and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Diabetic and health-conscious shoppers will likewise be satisfied with the wide choice of cakes and sweeteners, while the finest wines from both Hungary and abroad can be purchased in the center's prestigious wine shop.

In the area of women's and men's fashion and accessories, shoppers will be able to choose from among a range of premium brands. Book lovers will have a choice of titles unique in Hungary at their disposal at the center's bookshop, which will acquire any book not presently available in the shop within 72 hours of placing an order, while foreign language titles can be ordered with a two week delivery deadline. Staff will provide expert advice of the kind you would expect to see in a friendly library.

Travelers' every need will be catered to by the center's travel agencies, whose brand names provide a reassuring guarantee of the quality of the solutions provided. The well-known brand-name drugstore and pharmacy, meanwhile, will provide the expected customary high quality of service at the Hegyvidék Center, paying special attention to providing the highest standard of service to customers.

Besides the above, many more shops await customers from the autumn. The quality and range of shops guarantee an attractive and appealing location that customers can call their own and will gladly visit, not only helping them take care of their practical daily needs quickly but also serving as a great place to meet.

Source: Pannonmedia

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