Hufvudstaden plans to sell World Trade Center Stockholm (SE)

The World Trade Center (WTC) in central Stockholm is one of Sweden's most central meeting points. Hufvudstaden was involved in the construc-tion of WTC in 1985-1989 and since 2000 it has been the sole owner. After 17 years of active ownership and development Hufvudstaden is now putting the building up for sale.

WTC Stockholm is an international meeting point and is included in the World Trade Center Association (WTCA), the purpose of which is to promote and support international trade and business relations. Its central position, at the heart of the Swedish communications system, makes it a natural meeting point for international companies.

"WTC is a landmark among Swedish properties and we are extremely satis-fied with the development that has taken place during the 17 years we have been active in the ownership of the building," says Ivo Stopner, President of Hufvudstaden. The sale of WTC will not affect our strategy. We will continue, through our properties in central Stockholm and Central Gothenburg, to offer successful companies high-quality office and retailing premises in attractive market locations."

WTC was built in 1985-1989 by a consortium comprising Hufvudstaden, Lundbergs and Siab (now part of NCC) – which through to 2000 owned one-third each. WTC is a modern and efficient building that is considered to have positive lease potential.

WTC's rentable floor space is approximately 57,000 square metres, including approximately 11,000 square metres of garage space. The annual rent, based on current contracts, is approximately SEK 165 million.

Hufvudstaden has engaged the services of Leimdörfer Fastighetsmarknad AB to act as adviser in the sales process.

Source: Hufvudstaden AB

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