HSH Nordbank welcomes proposal to nominate Hilmar Kopper as Chairman of Supervisory Board (DE)

HSH Nordbank announces that it welcomes the proposal to nominate Hilmar Kopper as Chairman of the Bank's Supervisory Board.

"Hilmar Kopper is not only an extremely experienced banker, but also an outstanding personality. I therefore expect him to be elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board. In this position he will provide crucial support in implementing the realignment of the Bank", said CEO Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher. "This will enable us to continue even more forcefully along the path of consolidating the Bank and focusing on its core areas of business."

Hilmar Kopper had recently expressed his willingness to stand for the position of Supervisory Board Chairman.

"I have known and esteemed Mr. Hilmar Kopper for many years and am therefore delighted that he is available for this office. He will contribute both his outstanding lifetime achievements and exceptional professional and managerial experience to this demanding position. In the coming years he will provide HSH Nordbank with constructive support on the road to realignment", said the present Supervisory Board Chairman, Dr. Wolfgang Peiner.

The election of the new Supervisory Board of the Bank will be held at the AGM. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board will be elected at the subsequent constituent meeting. No date has yet been fixed for the meetings of these two bodies.

Source: HSH Nordbank

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