HSH Nordbank Supervisory Board appoints Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher as CEO (DE)

The Supervisory Board of HSH Nordbank has officially appointed Prof. Dr. Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher as CEO.

"The Supervisory Board is convinced that Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher will greatly benefit HSH Nordbank with his expertise and experience. The task now is to align the successful business model of HSH Nordbank to the current financial climate, with the support of a transparent and impartial analysis," explained Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Wolfgang Peiner.

Before his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher (45) was Chief Financial Officer of HSH Nordbank. He held this position from 1 October 2007, following appointments at DZ Bank and Dresdner Bank.

The new CEO retains his ongoing Management Board contract until October 2012.

"I thank the Supervisory Board for the confidence which it has shown in me. The operational strengths of our bank form the basis for a successful future for HSH Nordbank. We will retain these strengths, if we accept the challenges of the global financial crisis with the utmost rigour and follow the right steps on the road ahead. I will set about this with the necessary prudence and transparency," said Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher.

The Supervisory Board expressed its thanks to former CEO Hans Berger for his outstanding commitment and service to HSH Nordbank and related institutes, which have spanned many years.

Hans Berger offered his resignation to the Supervisory Board last week, which the Board officially accepted earlier this week.

Source: HSH Nordbank

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