Hoorne Vastgoed wins durability prize Building Business Golden Green Awards 2010 (NL)

Hoorne Vastgoed has been chosen the most durable developer/builder of the Netherlands. The award was given within the framework of Building Business Golden Green Awards 2010. A jury chaired by Elco Brinkman of Bouwend Nederland awarded first place to Hoorne Vastgoed for their project Centrumplan Stad van de Zon in Heerhugowaard (center-city plan City of the Sun). This project includes among other things, a Vomar Voordeelmarkt which by reuse of residual heat with respect to similar shops, saves energy up to 35%.

Stad van de Zon

Stad van de Zon te Heerhugowaard has been built for durability and energy efficiency by award-winning developer Hoorne Vastgoed.

The jury of the Building Business Golden Green Awards assessed 32 entries in the category durability, and the project in Heerhugowaard from Hoorne Vastgoed was deemed the best in the field of sustainability. From the jury report: "In a good manner, good use is made of the underground energy storage, wind mills and high-quality technological applications. The sustainability concept is integrated." For the realisation of the project Hoorne Vastgoed cooperated intensively with Vomar Voordeelmarkt. This hypermarket chain has a strong commitment to sustainability and places a firm emphasis on innovation.

The Golden Green Awards is a consequence of an agreement in 2008 between Bouwend Nederland, Aedes (trade association of housing corporations), Neprom (association of Dutch project development societies) and the ministry of VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment). Their common aim is an energy reduction in 2015, of 50% with respect to 2007.

Hoorne Vastgoed considers the prize as a stimulant to continue with an optimum development of durable projects. Frequently this happens in close cooperation with among others, municipalities, corporations and institutes. Bij de realisatie van het Centrum Stad van de Zon waren o.a. de Gemeente Heerhugowaard, Projectmanager Rotteveel M4, TNO, de provincie Noord-Holland, Agentschap.NL en Vomar Voordeelmarkt betrokken.

Hoorne Vastgoed is a multidisciplinary developer and real estate investor with a strong focus on retail and house construction. Activities within the retail sector primarily concerns facilities for the hypermarket chain Vomar Voordeelmarkt. The very energy-efficient Vomar hypermarket (2,000 m²) in the Stad van de Zon te Heerhugowaard will also have 72 low-energy apartments built above the store. Thanks to a cold/warmth storage and the reuse of warmth from the cooling and freezer installations in the Vomar Voordeelmarkt, with the project an annual CO2-reduction of 79 tons can be realized.

Source: Hoorne Vastgoed

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