Homburg Invest announces acquisition and closing of two assets in the Netherlands (NL/CA)

Homburg Invest Inc. announces that it has finalized the acquisition of two office buildings in the Netherlands. The transaction was completed at an aggregate cost of €26.1 million including closing costs and was completed by way of mortgage financing and cash.

The properties are located in Amsterdam and Den Bosch and are situated on collectively 182,615 ft² (16,965 m²) of land. The total leaseable area for both buildings is 110,120 ft² (10,230 m²) with 129 parking places.

The buildings are fully leased. Den Bosch is leased for ten years to Quintig. Quintiq's CEO was recently selected Accelerating Entrepreneur of 2008 by Ernst & Young. The Amsterdam property is leased to 5 different tenants, including Lowe & Partners and GITP International with an average lease term of 6 years.

The building in Amsterdam is located near the Olympic Stadium and was designed in the early 1960's by the architect Aldo van Eyck. The building was used famously as an orphanage and turned into offices in 1991. The building was quoted in the Top 1000 most beautiful architectural buildings of the world in 2002.

The building in Den Bosch is located in the Office area Soetelieve Noord and was built in the late 1990s.

Both properties are built to high standards and have been well maintained with no deferred maintenance.

Source: Homburg Invest

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