HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung sells Rüttenscheider Tor to Sal. Oppenheim (DE)

HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung has sold the Essen office project Rüttenscheider Tor to Sal. Oppenheim. The private bank is buying the office building which has a gross floor area of around 16,500 m² for a real estate fund, which will be offered to the bank's clients.

Rüttenscheider Tor

The six-story Rüttenscheider Tor extends over an L-shaped lot of 4,700 m².

It was agreed that details of the purchase price would not be disclosed. Two well-known legal firms will be moving into those areas of the building which are already let, by the beginning of next year at latest.

The six-story Rüttenscheider Tor extends over an L-shaped lot of 4,700 m² along Alfredstrasse and Messeallee. The complex includes an underground car park with space for more than 170 cars. The architecture makes reference to the building opposite, the Büropark an der Gruga, which was also realized by HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung and completed in 2002.

Rüttenscheider Tor has been built with sustainability in mind: The rooms are climatized with a low-temperature system, using heating and cooling ducts in the ceiling. Primary energy consumption is significantly below the levels prescribed by the 2007 Energy Saving Ordinance. An engineering firm is examining and documenting the quality of the construction materials used internally: materials with low emissions, pollutants and odor help to ensure that the internal air supply is as pure as possible. Rüttenscheider Tor will be awarded a preliminary silver certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council at this year's real estate show, Expo Real, in Munich.

Source: HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH

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