HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung sells PortAL 10 in Münster (DE)

HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung has sold the office and medical practice building, PortAL 10 in Münster to Warburg - Henderson. The purchase price was in the double-digit millions. The property on Albersloher Weg, which has a total rental area of around 6,600 m², was completed in autumn 2010.


PortAL 10 in Münster's harbor district.

The seven-story PortAL 10 in Münster's harbor district was constructed as a low energy building and is aiming for Silver certification from the German Council for Sustainable Building (DGNB). Two-thirds of the rental space has been let to a joint gastroenterological practice and a wind power system manufacturer, both of whom have taken two entire floors.

Three separate entrance areas and customizable space mean that PortAL 10 can also be divided into small units: an area of around 900 m² is being shared, for example, by a legal firm, an advertising agency and a pharmacy.

Source: HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung

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