Hochtief Development introduces a new residential project at Kavčí Hory (CZ)

On an area of 30,000 m², between the recently completed office building of Kavčí Hory Office Park and the Central Park at Pankrác, four residential buildings with 334 flats and four non-residential spaces will be built. The residential complex, designed by a renowned architectural office Aulík Fišer Architekti, will be built within walking distance from city public transport.

Kavčí Hory Residential Park

Construction will start on the Kavčí Hory Residential Park in autumn 2009.

The Kavčí Hory Residential Park will offer mostly flats of some 60 m² (two rooms plus kitchenette) and 90 to 100 m² (three plus kitchenette). Every flat on a story will have a balcony or a terrace of its own; some of them will have the characteristics of a winter garden. Parts of the flats on the ground floor will be front gardens. In the south, the residential building will provide views of the adjoining Central Park. On the western side of the land is planned the construction of a fifth building with company flats. Construction will start in autumn 2009.

The entire residential complex is designed in agreement with the need to reduce the impact of the car transport on the area and therefore it is planned that the road allowing access to the residential buildings will be only on the north side of the land. The ecological aspect is also reflected in the number of newly established green areas and a large-capacity rain water tank which will be used for the purposes of maintaining the greenery. It is planned that the buildings will use heat pumps for heating as well as cooling.

The construction of the project will be broken down into two stages. During the first stage two buildings with 171 flats facing Pujmanová Street will be built, two more buildings with 163 flats will be completed during the second stage. Every stage of the construction will take approx. 18 to 20 months.

The investor of the construction is TORTOREX s.r.o., a subsidiary company of HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH, Essen and HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic s.r.o.

Source: Crest Communications a.s.

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