HEMA opens first Spanish store in Madrid (NL/ES)

Yesterday, HEMA opened its first Spanish store on Calle Fuencarral in Madrid. Following the success of its stores in Paris, Bordeaux and Marseilles, HEMA's new Spanish branch demonstrates that HEMA is continuing its expansion unabated and in new countries as well.

Earlier this year, the retail organization announced it would also expand into the United Kingdom.


The first store in Spain opened its doors on 2 April on the Calle Fuencarral, a leading and trendy shopping street in Madrid where many people love to shop. Ronald van Zetten, CEO HEMA: ‘We’re incredibly proud to be opening a store in this excellent location. HEMA aims to expand further within Europe in the years ahead. This new store is an important step forward’. Logical Store Layout HEMA wants to make people’s everyday lives easier and more fun. We do this by offering high quality, attractively designed products at competitive prices. In the Netherlands, our company has a long history and people are familiar with our stores. In Spain, HEMA is still unknown. For this reason we have developed a logical store layout where everyone can find their way around easily, even if they have no idea what HEMA has to offer when they first walk in. The store is arranged to look just like your average home. It has a living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and children’s room. In these rooms you will find the different products you would use in these rooms at home. The children’s room, for example, will have pyjamas and t-shirts, but you will also find cuddly toys and sweets there. In the kitchen, you will not only find pots and pans but also olive oil and herbs.

United Kingdom

If everything goes according to plan, HEMA is set to open several stores in the British capital in summer 2014.

Source: Hema

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