Helios Europe launches €1 billion European logistics development drive with backing by Mansford (EU)

Helios Europe, the specialist European logistics developer, headed by Mike Hughes, has announced that it has entered into a joint venture with specialist fund manager Mansford Real Estate LLP as part of a €1 billion development drive.

Helios Europe, via Mansford managed funds, has substantial financial backing from two of the UK's largest pension funds, British Airways and West Midlands, to build out its 1.2 million sq m European development pipeline and to purchase new opportunities.

The area of operations will be focused on western and central Europe, with projects in Austria, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Baltic States, which will have an end value in excess of €1 billion, rolled in to the joint venture.

Mike Hughes said: "This strategic partnership is an important step forward for Helios Europe. The Mansford team brings truly outstanding fund and asset management expertise to the business. The financial firepower reflects renewed confidence in the European logistics sector and will continue our active growth in delivering logistics product for our many occupier clients and funding partners."

Oliver Smith chief executive officer of Mansford LP said: "We believe that the growth prospects for the logistics market in mainland Europe remain strong and it is a market we have tracked closely. In Helios Europe and Mike Hughes, we are a partnering one of the most accomplished development and investment teams in the sector."

Helios Europe was represented by De Morgan and Co. Mansford LP was advised by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Source: Helios Europe

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