Heijmans wins area development in Liège worth €100 million (NL/BE)

Himmos, part of Heijmans Belgium, has won the competition to redevelop the Bavière site in the Belgian city of Liège. It will involve the full development of part of an island in the river Meuse. The project is expected to generate a turnover of around €100 million euros.

The plan is to build 600 apartments on this former hospital site with a total area of 5.3 hectares. Shops and catering establishments will also be built there, as will sports and recreational facilities and a childrens day-care centre. There will be 700 covered parking places.

The city of Liège had asked five parties to present designs. The international jury unanimously chose the Himmos plan. The quality of the urban development in the design and the attractive architecture were the deciding factor. The quality of the living environment and the construction of the outer areas are important features in the Himmos design. For example, as building starts, 500 trees will be planted to make life in the residential area more pleasant right from the beginning. In the jurys opinion, Himmos has succeeded in creating a new image for the Bavière part of town with this design, which could become a symbol for the modern city of Liège.

Expectations are that Himmos will be able to start building the first phase in 2007.

Source: Heijmans

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