Heijmans to renovate and partially redevelop the HagaHospital (NL)

Heijmans Non-residential Building and Burgers Ergon will be renovating and partially redeveloping the HagaHospital in The Hague under contract to the hospital. The total contract is valued at approximately €40 million.

The contract includes the renovation of the nursing wards and the redevelopment of several departments including the Emergency Assistance Department, the Heart Center and the Radiology located at Leyweg. The total gross surface area involved is 28,000 m². The project is expected to take approximately three years.

In completing this plan, the HagaHospital will have implemented the new 'Planetree Concept'. Planetree is an innovative method for providing patient-centered care. This care model primarily focuses on the human dimension of care, such as friendly treatment, hospitality, extensive services, good information and freedom of choice. In addition, Planetree advocates the creation of a pleasant and caring environment; a hospital with a great deal of light, warm colors and natural elements. To accomplish this requires integral building and engineering knowledge. The project consequently fits into Heijmans' strategy designed to offer integrated knowledge of, and skills in the various sectors involved in such undertakings.

In addition, the project involves partial redevelopment and therefore fits in well with Heijmans' focus on sustainability.

Source: Hugin

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