Heijmans to redevelop Vlijmen village centre (NL)

Heijmans, under contract to the municipality of Heusden, will be renovating Vlijmen's village centre. The Municipal Executive rendered its decision after the Municipal Council issued a positive recommendation on Heijmans' proposal during its meeting of October 9.

Heijmans' plan includes approximately 5,000 m² shopping space, 45 apartments and 350 parking places, 210 of which will be below ground, and the landscaping of the public space. This plan came about on the basis of a competitive dialogue. The value of the Heijmans contract is approximately €26 million. Work is expected to commence in 2014.

The basic principle underlying Heijmans' plan is that it will reinforce the function of the village's centre, consistent with Vlijmen's character. Heijmans' plan will result in the creation of a new village plaza, the public area will be improved, the walking routes through the heart of the village will be more logical and new shops and homes will be added.

The new buildings will integrate well with the existing buildings in the village centre, but will have their own modern appearance. The main draw of the plan is a supermarket with an underground parking garage, with the objective of making it one of the supermarkets already established in Vlijmen. The shopping areas will also include space for catering facilities. This will give the shopping public reason to stay longer in the village centre.

The 45 apartments, in the social rented sector as well as the owner-occupied sector, are located above the shops. To implement the plan, the municipality will acquire properties located on Het Plein, which will then be demolished and replaced by new properties. Discussions will be held with the owners of these properties and the resident retailers to enable them to return to the new village centre.

The development is consistent with Heijmans' strategy to add value to inner city redevelopment as an area developer by optimising the staying value for visitors together with partners.

Source: Heijmans

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