Heijmans: Strategic partnership with Syntrus Achmea and adjustment of the syndicate loan facility (NL)

Heijmans Vastgoed, Proper-Stok and Syntrus Achmea are planning to form a strategic alliance together.

This concerns a partnership of for at least five years for the purchase of 300 homes per year by Syntrus Achmea from Heijmans Property Development and its subsidiary Proper-Stok.

These are homes in the liberalized rental segment. The homes are part of the already initiated and/or planned new area developments undertaken by Heijmans Vastgoed and Proper-Stok. With these plans the parties are anticipating on the growing demand for rental homes in the higher segment. The added value of the partnership comes from incorporating consumer demands in an early stage, by which the quality of the project increases.

Financing through the syndicated loan facility
Heijmans has also decided, taking into account a lower expected financing need, to decrease the size of its committed syndicated loan facility from a current €300 million to €250 million.

Source: Heijmans

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