Heijmans signs agreements for Kanaleneiland Center's third part in Utrecht (NL)

Heijmans has signed agreements for the development and construction of the third part of the Kanaleneiland Center with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance, Rabobank Utrecht, the municipality of Utrecht and the Mitros housing association. The construction of this part of the Kanaleneiland Center comprises 86 homes (36 subsidized rental apartments and 50 single-family homes) and 230 parking places and a district service center (a library, a community center and a Youth and Family Center). Syntrus Achmea will acquire 50 of these homes for its portfolio. Mitros will acquire 36 apartments for its residential property stock. The municipality of Utrecht will become the owner of the district service center. Some of the parking places will become the property of the Rabobank Utrecht. Heijmans will develop and construct this third part. The contract value of this project is in the order of € 20 million.

The large-scale redevelopment project in Kanaleneiland forms the connection between the city center and Papendorp. The center of the district will be transformed into a living environment that responds to the demand for new homes in the subsidized and middle segment. Privately owned homes as well as rental homes will be available.

The new residents will come from the Kanaleneiland district itself, as well as from outside. The strength of the development realized by Heijmans is the connection between the social, community, economic and physical aspects of the district. In the meantime the Utrechtse Monitor and the Krachtwijken Monitor have been featuring the Kanaleneiland district's facelift. In the earlier phases of this inner city area development there was a high demand for medium-priced rental homes. Completion of this part is planned for the end of 2015.

The development of the Kanaleneiland Centre district underlines Heijmans' strength as an inner city area developer, in part created by embedding the expertise of the developer Proper-Stok into the organization ten years ago.

Source: Heijmans

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