Heijmans selected for the Buizengat-Oost area development in Vlaardingen (NL)

The municipality of Vlaardingen has selected Heijmans for the Buizengat-Oost inner city area development. Heijmans' proposal is based on a phased development linked to the local market's development. Heijmans' plan comprises approximately 180 homes and apartments. The plan must be completed by 2020. The development value amounts to over €50 million.

Buizengat-Oost is located on the former country estate of a trader in spices. Heijmans will incorporate the area's rich history in its plans. The area is adjacent to the Oranjepark and forms part of Vlaardingen's inner city. The striking fire station and water tower in the area will be given a new use and will remain icons.

Both parties will now sign an agreement of intent under which the plan will be worked out in further detail. Following mutual agreement, the results from this will be incorporated into a partnership agreement and ultimately an implementation agreement. Initial construction activities are expected to start by mid-2014.

This project is consistent with Heijmans' strategy calling for a focus on its strength as an inner city area developer and on strengthening inner cities. The Heijmans proposals specify that the Heijmans Wenswonen, Heijmans Huismerk and Heijmans Morph concepts will be applied.

Source: Heijmans

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