Heijmans Residential Building realizes new residential projects worth €29 million (NL)

Heijmans Residential Building has been selected to build two new residential projects in the Netherlands.

Ebbe en Vloed in Oude Tonge
Woongoed Flakkee has selected Heijmans Residential Building to build the new home care center Ebbe en Vloed in the town of Oude Tonge, as a member of a building team.

Both parties signed a building contract valued at over €13 million for this purpose on May 31. The new home care complex consists of 58 care homes and seven group homes, 10 day-care places and 12 temporary admission places.

In addition, the facility includes office space, care infrastructure and an area for general and technical support services. The building contract is the follow up to a tender for the selection of a building team partner that Heijmans Residential Building won in 2009. The project has since been started.

Schoutenhoek in Zoetermeer
Heijmans Residential Building is developing the Schoutenhoek project in the City of Zoetermeer for Vidomes. Schoutenhoek consists of 94 rental homes and eight private homes, commercial facilities and a parking garage.

The contract is valued at approximately €16 million. Building has commenced and is expected to be complete at the beginning of 2013.

The plan is part of the restructuring of the Palenstijn District in Zoetermeer. The project will make use of sustainable products and systems, including heat-cold energy storage combined with a green roof.

Source: Heijmans

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