Heijmans makes further organizational changes (NL)

Further to an earlier announcement concerning the elimination of 200 jobs in Heijmans' support (staff) departments, an additional 450 jobs will be eliminated in the more operational areas.

The reductions affect both direct and indirect personnel in the Netherlands. Jobs will be eliminated in Property Development, Residential Building, Non-residential Building and Road Building (Infrastructure). The intervention is designed to allow the organization to operate more cost effectively.

The motivation for this action is fourfold:

  • To reposition the residential and non-residential building sector;
  • To improve the match between available capacity and expected volumes;
  • To achieve improved efficiency due to a reduction in business units/regions;

    The property development sector has been hit by the impact of deteriorating market conditions. The Property Development and Residential Building organization structures will be adjusted, thereby taking the lower numbers of new housing units to be built and sold into account. In terms of activities in the non-residential building sector, less work is expected due to the selective contracting policy being pursued. An excess of asphalt production capacity is prevalent in the road building marketplace. In part due to this situation, jobs are becoming redundant in this area.

    The elimination of the additional 450 jobs will be realized on the basis of terminating temporary contracts, regular turnover and forced layoffs. This will be effected during the course of 2009.

    Source: Heijmans
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