Heijmans develops 225 homes in Apeldoorn with total sale value of €50 million (NL)

Heijmans has signed a contract with the municipality of Apeldoorn for the development and construction of 225 owner-occupied homes in the Zuidbroek district of Apeldoorn. The expected total sale value is approximately €50 million.

Heijmans Vastgoed will develop and build the homes based on the urban development plan drawn up by the municipality of Apeldoorn. The municipality puts great emphasis in this plan on mobility, the integration of water and green spaces and the use of sustainable energy. Heijmans will build the homes once they have been sold.

The first phase of the Zuidbroek district, called Het Mozaïek, will comprise 83 homes. Of these, 53 homes will be built according to the Wenswonen concept, which enables buyers to decide the volume, the floor plans, the facade arrangement and the choice of materials largely for themselves and gives them an immediate insight into what these choices will mean in terms of cost. Heijmans expects to complete the first home at the end of 2007. The second phase of Zuidbroek, Het Rooster, is planned for 2008 onwards. Heijmans will develop and build 142 homes in this phase.

Source: Heijmans

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