Heijmans contracted by European Council (BE)

Heijmans-RE has been awarded a framework contract by the European Council for work on buildings of the European Council in Brussels. The contract includes the fit up, modification and maintenance of premises in the European quarter. The contract could go as high as €35 million and has a 7-year life. Work will start in April 2009.

Heijmans Brussels_Belgium

Heijmans contract covers work on eleven buildings in Brussels.

The contract covers work on eleven buildings: six office buildings, one day-care centre, three storage areas and one commercial area. The total gross surface area of these buildings is approximately 350,000 m², of which 250,000 m² is superstructure.

Heijmans is dedicating a permanent team of 24 persons responsible for implementing the contract, supplemented by various subcontractors for specific contracts. Heijmans-RE is executing the contract in collaboration with Heijmans Bouw Belgium and complies with the criteria specified by the European Council in its conditions.

Heijmans-RE NV and Heijmans Bouw NV are part of the Heijmans Building Division in Belgium. Heijmans-RE is a specialist in renovation and finishing.

Source: Heijmans

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